Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Get Over Your Bad Self!

"Get over your bad self" is something the Mother Muse tells me frequently, and depending on the context can have all sorts of meanings, but for you today it just means I'd like us all to be free from the preconceived labels we give to certain stores. Just because its Arden B. doesn't mean it is cheesy, and Talbots does not have to mean your grandmother's Sunday best. By holding these notions, we severely limit some serious fashion triumphs! Not to mention, by rising above you'll avoid a fashion rut and leave everyone guessing where you scored the fabulous look.

Still don't believe me??? Well, if Target hasn't sold you on celebrity labels like Isaac and maybe Vera isn't enough to get you to Kohl's, consider this - many of the creative directors behind labels you love are actually not creating the pieces you're wearing.

For example, I bet many of you wouldn't buy Liz Claiborne but tote your Kate Spade proudly...Would you still if you knew that Kate Spade is no longer the creative force behind her brand?

Or would you still pooh-pooh Talbots if you knew the very well-respected Michael Smallbone was behind the brand (formerly of Anne Klein).

phew, ok I think I’ve made my point! You will never find all the things you want in one store, nor should you! A terrible fashion faux-pas would be to look like pg. 76 from a catalog...

So in the essence of sharing, here are a few of my favorite hidden gems:

JC Penney has stealthily built up its brand and now is in many of the mainstream fashion mags. Love the play jewelry and cheap summer dresses! (Check out the jacket above, so cute and just $40)

Victoria Secret has great selection on bathing suits and shoes

Talbots is totally under the radar on handbags, shoes and the occasional party dress. For all the lucky Boston girls -- head to the outlet in Hingham, best deals out there!

When all else fails try the usual suspects: Kohls, Target, H&M, Limited, Marshalls etc.

Getting over your bad self never looked so good!

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Paipai said...

Victoria's Secret also has some really cute winter coats! And I've heard that Talbots has some pretty decent bridesmaid dresses. ;)